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Facebook Gameroom

Facebook Gameroom

Play your favourite Facebook games in a standalone app

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  • Wendy Mylly

    by Wendy Mylly

    The games don't load and or play correctly. i have installed and reinstalled 3x. why make something that is not going...   More

  • Charles Genardi

    by Charles Genardi

    keeps crashing in the middle of games. losing bets and very frustrating.   More

  • Anita Rollins

    by Anita Rollins

    I seem to have a problem with the game room loading and the game I play the most is not on facebook..   More

  • bahram said

    by bahram said

    hi, my name is Bahram. I think about game in our life, realy life is game..   More

  • Sanya Martines

    by Sanya Martines

    why because I uninstalled my facebook gameroom and I wanted to play avakin life but I try my best downloading it but ...   More

  • Lillies Dia

    by Lillies Dia

    i wont recomend coz the client is always give me trouble,hang alots and crash too much.   More

  • Rebecca Duehring-Jenson

    by Rebecca Duehring-Jenson

    Yoworld Gameroom isnt working or loading any further?.
    I have been working on the issues, gameroom is still down...   More

  • Aqsa Aquarious

    by Aqsa Aquarious

    interesting .
    This is very interesting games game is a part of life withoue game life is incomplete.   More

  • John Roketta

    by John Roketta

    New Update STINKS! Everything Crashes. Even the download to reinstall..   More

  • Betty Jones

    by Betty Jones

    would love to be able to play again..
    I think i would like to play my games I cant get them to load on google ch...   More

  • Tommyall100 .

    by Tommyall100 .

    Very Good. All my games in one place. Seaport just stopped functioning, so I am re-installing game ...   More

  • Tommyall100 .

    by Tommyall100 .

    Very Good. All my games in one place. Seport just stopped funtioning, so I am re-installing gameroom..   More

  • by Anonymous

    love the games and how to play them.
    i like it very much just started playing thank u very much..   More

  • Donna Bledsoe

    by Donna Bledsoe

    Worst experience I have ever had since gaming!!!.
    When it first came out was so slow, like molasses! After a cou...   More